How to Find the Best Landscaping Company

landscapingA lawn is a source of pride for the home- owner or company headquarters, and a site to behold for those who approach it. But to get a landscaping company that can give your lawn the perfect landscaping is not easy. There are a couple of things that one should take into consideration before choosing a landscaping company in South Africa.

The secret to getting a great landscaping for your lawn is to know what to expect from the landscaping company as well as the final look of the lawn itself. If you are not sure what you want your lawn to look like at the end of the job, you should seek advice from your neighbors or friends who have great lawns. Ask them how much they invested in getting their perfect looking lawn, and which landscaping company did the job. Personal references can be more reliable than a random such on the internet. It is possible to find an awesome service on the internet but sometimes, personal references are the best. After getting several references, compile a list of all the landscaping references you have been given within your area and conduct an interview to help you in the decision-making process.

landscaperInterview several companies before deciding which one you should give the job. This will be the best time for you to bring in different ideas you have thought of and getting some feedback from each one of the companies on what their take is about your ideas. Ask them what other interesting ideas they have as well. Once you have settled on a couple of ideas, the next step is to come up with a more formal plan. This should include the budget estimates for each landscaping design, milestones and timelines for completion of the project, from the beginning to the end of the project.

You should ask them whether they have trained and certified staff to do landscaping work, whether their staffs are insured against work-related injuries, and whether their staffs are trained by the supplier or manufacturer in the installation of the products they use. Ask to see evidence of previous work such pictures of “before and after” work, testimonials and letters from satisfied clients. If there are subcontractors to be hired, ensure that all contractors will be responsible for all the work to be done. Make sure that the contractors provide general liability insurance for all workers on site. This will ensure the responsibility of providing medical care is clear in case workers get injured on site.

Once you are done interviewing several companies with the best recommendation, compare their price quotes, budgets, floor plans, the comfort level between the employer-employee relationship and the overall workmanship of each company. This may seem to be a trivial issue but trust and honesty should be the main qualification. This is because the contractor will be on site from the start to the end of the project. You should also consider lawn maintenance issues so that you can get a contractor who is able to provide lawn maintenance as well as getting the initial work done.

After settling on the best landscaping company, you should obtain a written contract. This document should clearly explain several details. All prices should be indicated clearly. This should include subcontractor fees, lawn maintenance fees, weeding and spraying fee, etc. The contractor should also give a clear schedule of the work they are going to undertake. They should give specific timelines and dates, from start to finish. The final contract should ensure that the job will be done professionally and meet certain benchmarks that you will have agreed on. It should also state that you will accept nothing less than what is on the contract.

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