What you Need to Know When Hiring a Landscaping Contractor

garden landscaping
For most people who own or live in a house with a garden, a well-manicured and designed garden provides a source of relaxation, pride, and delight for occupants and guests alike. Choosing a landscaping company in South Africa to maintain your garden or lawn can be overwhelming, especially with so many companies to choose from. Therefore, it is vital for you to consider different aspects of garden maintenance before making that choice.

Before you reach out to a landscaping company, decide on what you want the landscaper to achieve for your garden. If you are unsure about probable expectations, seek out neighbours and friends who have magnificent gardens and ask them for some suggestions and pointers to help when choosing a landscaping company. You might even get an exhaustive list of good landscaping companies to choose from after talking to your neighbours and friends. Personal references are often more reliable than the results of a web search. Make sure to make a list of landscapers from each reference you receive. This will enable you to have an easier time when comparing and assessing different companies before settling on a contractor.

Armed with your comprehensive list of potential landscaping contractors, you should begin interviewing different companies. Let them know about your ideas, goals and expectations while taking in the contractor’s professional suggestions and ideas. Use the ideas from this brainstorming session to come up with a formal plan of action. The plan should typically include time and budget estimates, project requirements, and a comprehensive property assessment report.

At this point, feel free to ask the landscaping company about their qualifications, including training, suppliers’ or manufacturers’ certifications, and any other relevant documentation that can be used to prove their expertise. Inquire about the company’s portfolio which should contain photographic evidence of previous jobs, testimonials, referral letters from previous clients, and references who can be contacted. In case subcontractors will be needed, ensure they are also fully qualified to do the work assigned to them. It is also important to inquire about insurance cover and compensation for workers so that you are not held liable for care and damages in cases of emergencies and accidents.

Once you have met with prospective contractors, compare the prices, budgets, floor plans, workmanship, and employee-employer relations for different companies. You should also assess the level of trust and honesty among the prospective contractors, considering that the successful contractor will be around your home until project completion. Additionally, you should ensure that the successful contractor is also capable of providing maintenance activities to go together with any active maintenance works on your garden.

The final and most important step is making a legally binding commitment on paper by signing a contract. Ensure that the prices are itemized for each service the contractor and subcontractors propose to provide. The contract should also include the price of any additional maintenance activities such as spraying or weeding. Additionally, the contract should spell out the time frame for completion of the works, including measurable milestones as the project progresses. The signed contract should eventually help you secure quality services and workmanship from the landscaping contractor.

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